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Buying a car is an enormous financial asset guarded by a (sometimes) even larger time commitment. It is a decision that must not be taken lightly and must be carefully planned to see success and comfort in the decisions made. Unless an endless supply of money is available to you, there is no such thing as a perfect road to success. Nevertheless, careful analysis of the financials, budgetary flexibility, and assessments of needs versus must want in a vehicle are all a part of the process to lead to a fruitful, smoother financial path despite any unpredictable challenges innately inevitable. The staff at Bill Harris Chrysler Dodge Jeep are in alliance with every customer that walks through our doors and visits our website. Just like you, we also come from several walks of life, have experienced different challenges, and have endured and even failed at some point. Transparency is one of our number one qualities we hold most dear when providing any service we offer. It is mentioned several times on this very site, but mainly because we strive most in and are most proud of it. Our ultimate goal is for you to leave our dealership knowing you made the right choice in financing with us or signing one of our fantastic car lease deals in Ohio.

Money and finances can be less of a stress for some; this is not always the case for many customers of our car dealer in Ohio. For many of our customers, money is something that can be difficult to come by. Sometimes life hits us in unforeseeable, negative ways and leads to financial struggles. In one minute, a customer can be flying high and hitting all of their financial goals. Another minute passes by, and a customer winds up several steps behind the starting point due to events outside of our control. Our staff understands these facts of life and empathizes with many unforeseeable situations. The team are humans just like you and have all “been there and done that.” Some options exist for every customer from all walks of life that fit the bill for diverse situations and circumstances. Our team will work effortlessly to make sure this is the right fit for you. Again, our wish is to see our customers drive away with a fair and sound decision made behind the wheel and in their wallets.

Financing vs. Leasing

What does financing have to do with anything? Financing a vehicle uses financial institutions, such as Chrysler Financial, to pay for a car in monthly installments. Using your credit score provided by creditor institutions, Chrysler capital will determine the eligibility of lending funds to finance a vehicle of your choosing. The higher the credit score, the lower the APR, payments, and time commitment to paying off this financial commitment. There are perfect credit scores and no credit scores. At Bill Harris Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we accept any credit score and any situation. If we are unable to use Chrysler Financial’s services, several other banking options can be approved. As long as you can prove good standing and meet specific non-strict criteria, there will be options laying out for you on the table. Financing leads to many terrific benefits, one being you can customize the vehicle of your choice however you like. Buying a car leads you to the freedom of driving; however much you feel like driving with zero penalties involved. Additionally, a car owner can have more flexibility when needing to trade in or sell the vehicle. When purchasing a car through our financing options, a higher down payment may be necessary to avoid owing more money on the loan than the car is worth. We do not hope for such things to happen as our staff focuses on presenting rational options that satisfy our customers and not our sales associates’ salaries.

The other method of obtaining one of our sufficient vehicles is to sign a lease. This option has many benefits involved in the lease contract. Firstly, you receive a more recent to an almost brand-new vehicle to drive for less in monthly payments than financing with added unwanted interest accruing. After a couple to three years of on-time payments within the lease contract, eligibility exists to transition to an even newer vehicle. Most leases require you to drive only up to 15,000 miles in one year, however. Be that as it may, there is still the benefit of the existing factory warranty onto the vehicle. This means that any significant damages or repairs to the vehicle’s main components are offered at an exceptionally reduced cost to the consumer while under the lease contract. Our dealership of hundreds of new and pre-owned vehicles can assist with either method of obtaining a new ride that fits your desires and needs. For example, Jeep lease deals in Columbus, Ohio, can be found in significant quantities with just moments of speaking to our sales associates. The same Jeep special offers can be offered to anyone interested in going with a financing route.

Lease Deals Columbus, Ohio

Are you tirelessly looking around at other dealerships in search of excellent car lease deals in Ohio? Your searches elsewhere end here at Bill Harris Chrysler Dodge Jeep, where lease deals near Columbus, Ohio can transform into a new reality. Find your ideal car, truck, minivan, and SUV lease deals at Columbus, Ohio, car lots near you. A Chrysler Capital lease could be just the thing you need to get you driving in a beautiful new or used vehicle in as little as today. With the lease comes all of the benefits mentioned above along, including affordable payments within the lease, significantly reduced maintenance costs, and much more. Bill Harris Chrysler Dodge Jeep will work diligently to ensure you walk out with keys to a sound, rational commitment in our vehicle and car lease deals in Ohio. If you are loyal to the Ram brand of trucks for sale, visit our website or in-store sales associates to ask about our Ram incentives and other lease deals in Columbus, Ohio. A quick stop in our 2100 South Baney Rd. car lots in Ashland, OH, will provide all of the resources you need for a successful and sound lease deals near Columbus, OH.

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